Class of 2020

Benedicta Solf, MSFS '20

Benedicta was born and raised in Germany. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Bayreuth. Her academic interests are the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as refugees and forced migration. In the MSFS program, she concentrates in Global Politics and Security.

Muzna Abbas, MSFS '20

Muzna is a first-year Masters of Science in Foreign Service Candidate concentrating in International Development. Prior to MSFS she worked with Teach for America Corp as a bilingual teacher. Muzna holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego and earned a master’s in Bilingual Education from Canisius College in 2018.

Albert Douglas Abeiku Hudson, MSFS '20

Albert is a first-year student in the MSFS program and the 2018 recipient of the MSFS Africa Scholarship. He is pursuing Global Business and Finance concentration and also hopes to expand his studies into the field of international development in his second year. His academic interests include international economics, project finance, corporate finance, and investments in emerging markets.

Mayaz Alam, MSFS '20

Mayaz follows the Global Politics and Security concentration in the MSFS program, focusing on international political economy. He graduated from McGill University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science. Mayaz is dual citizen of Bangladesh and Canada, but was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Azad Amanat, MSFS '20

Azad is a first- year MSFS student from Los Angeles, California concentrating in Global Politics and Security. He is interested in the nexus of human rights and security, especially in freedom of religion or belief and religious extremism. Azad holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University, where he studied history, with a focus on the Middle East.

Erik Angamarca, MSFS '20

Erik grew up in a working-class immigrant family from Ecuador in Queens, New York. He is inspired to join the State Department Foreign Service to share America’s message of diversity to the world. He is pursuing the MSFS graduate degree with a concentration in Global Politics and Security.

Regina Argenzio, MSFS '20

Regina is a first-year MSFS candidate concentrating in Global Politics and Security. Prior to the MSFS program, Regina worked as a technology account manager at Darktrace, a global cyber security company operating in 32 countries. Regina holds a Bachelor of Science in International Politics from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

Molly Barlow, MSFS '20

Molly is interested in finding innovative policy solutions to address migration crises. Within the MSFS program, she is concentrating in Global Business and Finance and completing the Refugees and Humanitarian Crises Certificate. Molly worked as a paralegal at the U.S. Department of Justice and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Britton, MSFS '20

Eric is concentrating in Global Business and Finance with interest areas in Latin America and Energy. Prior to the MSFS program, Eric worked for a development NGO in Western Guatemala as Director of Development and Interim Executive Director.

Emmie Bultemeier, MSFS '20

Emmie completed her undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt University. Prior to the MSFS program, she worked at Moraga y Cía Aboagados in Santiago de Chile and at the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney. She most recently completed an internship with the U.S. State Department in the Office of Peace Operations, Sanctions, and Counterterrorism. Emmie is originally from Miami, Florida and speaks Spanish.