MSFS Alumni Reflections

MSFS alumni have been out in the world making an impact for the past 100 years. This is a collection of their stories told in their own words.

Amb. John W. Blaney III (MSFS'75)

Amb. John W. Blaney III (MSFS’75)

When Amb. John W. Blaney III (MSFS’75) pivoted from his military career to service in the U.S. State Department, he turned to Georgetown to get the training he needed.

Technical Program Manager at VeriSign Angelique Finan (MSFS’94)

Angelique Finan (MSFS’94), Technical Program Manager at VeriSign, built friendships with people from all over the world during her time at Georgetown.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kana Television Elias Schulze (SFS'07, MSFS'08)

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kana Television Elias Schulze (SFS’07, MSFS’08)

Elias Schulze (SFS’07, MSFS’08) says his time at SFS trained him for career opportunities in finance and strategy across various African countries. He credits his time at the school with introducing him to classes, fellow students and mentors who helped him pursue his goals. “MSFS, in particular, gives you the confidence and challenges you in a way, largely because of the community you’re with,” he says.

Sarah Margon (MSFS'05)

Washington director at Human Rights Watch Sarah Margon (MSFS’05)

Sarah Margon (MSFS’05) is the Washington director at Human Rights Watch, where she serves as the organization’s main point of contact with the U.S. government and provides legislative and policy guidance. When deciding where to go for her graduate degree, Margon chose MSFS for a number of reasons, but most importantly because “it was right in the middle of everything.” During the program, she recalls “fully enjoying being immersed in the work,” knowing that what she was learning at MSFS would provide the foundation for the rest of her career. Years later, she values the network that Georgetown provides and still reaches out to former classmates. She also recognizes how highly regarded her MSFS education is in the professional world.

Xinran Qi

Director of RosettiStarr Xinran Qi (MSFS’11)

When Xinran Qi (MSFS’11) arrived at the Hilltop from his home country of China, he knew that he was joining an institution that would enable him to learn from top practitioners in international affairs and security. What he did not expect was to find a community that would help him navigate life in the U.S. as an international student, encourage him to pursue new passions and support him to build a career in his chosen field. He says, “I was very lucky that many people helped me out and made my experience here rewarding, smooth, and I just want to say thank you to them!”