Georgetown University’s CyberProject focused on the role of international and domestic law in developments in cyber technology and cyber threats. In partnership with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Fortune 500 companies, and departments across the University, the CyberProject addressed the need to defend domestic networks and critical infrastructure, while also protecting civil liberties.

The CyberProject hosted a series of seminars, a variety of esteemed panelists, and the annual International Conference on Cyber Engagement. The CyberProject also supported research on legal and policy objectives for the government and private industry. Samples of scholarship are available via the links below:


About the Conference

On March 29, 2011, the CyberProject hosted the first International Conference on Cyber Engagement. Drawing on the experience of government practitioners, industry representatives and academic scholars, this annual event brought a multidisciplinary and international approach to the challenges of cyberspace, focusing on legal, technical, and policy questions in the United States and abroad.  The conference promoted a dialogue among U.S. and foreign policymakers, academics and key industry stakeholders in cyberspace. 

Georgetown hosted the last International Conference on Cyber Engagement on April 24, 2017.