While at MSFS, students develop a multi-pronged approach toward building a challenging and rewarding career after graduation, which is based upon creating their own personal network of career advocates both on and off campus. Both curricular and extra-curricular activities are designed to equip students with knowledge and skills that can be applied over a lifetime. 

  • MSFS Assistant Director for External Outreach Rachel Antoun provides valuable career guidance and support to MSFS students as they make the transition from school to the workplace. 
  • MSFS faculty, including both full-time scholar-teachers and part-time adjuncts who are currently employed in government, business and the non-profit sector, provide advice, assistance and contacts for students seeking temporary internships or permanent employment in Washington, D.C. and beyond. 
  • Associates of the SFS Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, who spend one or two years on leave from the U.S. and other governments serve as mentors and advisors to MSFS students who are seeking careers in public service. 
  • MSFS alumni around the world return to share their experience with students in the classroom, on panels, through skills workshops, during career receptions and as members of recruitment teams.
  • Career Center: In addition to our own in-house career services, MSFS students and alumni are able to draw upon the vast resources of the School of Foreign Service Graduate Career Center (GCC). 
  • Careers in International Affairs: The award-winning guidebook published by Georgetown School of Foreign Service is an excellent resource for students seeking more information about organizations involved in international affairs.