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Title: Meet the MSFS 2020-2021 Student Representatives!

Date Published: January 5, 2021

Our MSFS student representatives (reps) are an integral part of the MSFS community. Now more than ever as MSFS adapts to the virtual environment, our student reps have been key organizers for coordinating community building events for their classmates and ensuring that every member of the MSFS community feels connected to the program despite the challenging circumstances. They have brought the community together through sharing recipes and playlists, sending newsletters, and allowing our multi-talented students to show off their skills in an MSFS Masterclass series. 

This year’s student representative cohort consists of first year and continuing MSFS students who are going above and beyond the demands of their academic workload to advocate for student needs and liaise between the students and the MSFS leadership team. Thank you to this year’s reps for all that they are doing to enhance the MSFS experience beyond the classroom! Meet the 2020-2021 MSFS reps below and learn why they decided to serve the student body in this role.

Student Reps

Paul Cormarie
MSFS ’22, International Development

I chose to become a rep in order to both better know the needs of my fellow students, and also to learn how to better put my efforts to service within my program. During this global health crisis, it is now more urgent than ever to promote student cohesion and to articulate concrete goals and strategies to include all the students into MSFS.

Sophia Farion
MSFS ’22, Global Politics & Security

I ran to be a MSFS Rep because I wanted to make sure our community thrives despite these disconnected times. So far, it has been wonderful helping students connect with each other and serving as a helpful resource.

Tyler Gobble
MSFS ’21, Global Politics & Security

I decided to run to be an MSFS rep because I wanted to give back to my community, help my classmates navigate these strange and uncertain circumstances, and ultimately leave MSFS better than I found it. The role has been rewarding so far and has offered me an opportunity to engage with the now dispersed MSFS community through our weekly newsletter.

Vanessa Jarnes
MSFS ’22, International Development

I wanted to be an MSFS Rep because I had experience vocalizing students’ needs to school administrations and was eager to improve the student experience and address the unique challenges of students during this particularly difficult school year. The experience so far has been illuminating on what can and cannot be accomplished during a global pandemic but has nevertheless been rewarding as we’ve been able to create a closer community through virtual events and through making ourselves approachable for our classmates’ concerns.

Heeu Millie Kim
MSFS ’22, Science, Technology, and International Affairs

Having studied as an undergraduate at Georgetown, I ran to be an MSFS student representative to serve as a resource and conduit for students, especially in a virtual learning environment. Thus far, I have thoroughly enjoyed planning social events on Zoom, getting to know people in our cohort individually, and working with an incredible team of reps. Moving forward, I hope to build a stronger sense of community across cohorts and advocate for my peers in this challenging environment.

Christiana Metaxas
MSFS ’21, Global Business, Finance, and Society

I saw being a student rep as a way to engage with the MSFS core value of service. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know my peers across all cohorts.

Danielle Orihuela
MSFS ’22, International Development

I wanted to become a rep in order to advocate for the amazing MSFS community members to ensure that programming and community-building was accommodating and inclusive, especially during these unprecedented times.

Nick Paiva
MSFS ’22, International Development

I chose to submit my candidacy as a student representative because of my passion for people. I felt that there was no better way to immerse myself into the MSFS experience than as a student rep. As an MSFS rep, I strive to serve as a bridge between the student body and leadership team. It is my hope to gain deep, personal relationships with the members of the MSFS community. When my time comes to an end at Georgetown, I hope that those I came into contact with (whether in person or virtually) will see me as a friend and advocate. Although my time as an MSFS student has just begun, I have been truly inspired by the resiliency that the MSFS students and leadership team have shown given our unprecedented circumstances.

Mary Sturgis
MSFS ’21, Global Politics & Security

I ran for MSFS rep because I wanted to serve as a bridge-builder for my peers, the MSFS leadership, and the broader graduate school community. I’ve loved being able to facilitate connections during this difficult time between my fellow MSFSers by planning and facilitating creative events.