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Title: MSFS Game Night Brings Students Together for Food, Fun and Board Games

MSFS students met last Friday, Feb. 8 in the 7th floor lounge and ECR for an annual MSFS Spring tradition: food, drink and merrymaking…over board games.

Game Night brought nearly forty first-year and second-year students together for a work-free evening on the 7th floor that only required them to have fun and take a break from the semester. At their disposal were Uno, Cranium, Taboo, playing cards and other classic board games.

“We wanted to make sure that people could get together, have a good time, and do something that’s out of left field,” first-year International Relations and Security concentrator and student representative in charge of Game Night Sasha-Maria Martin said. “Our only goal was to let people have a good time and not worry about school.”

In addition to being fun, Game Night was also a learning opportunity for some of the international students who had not played board games considered traditional in the U.S. Mona Neibuhr, a first-year International Relations and Security concentrator from Germany, played Cranium for the first time at Game Night.