Student Representatives

The MSFS Student Representatives represent the interests and concerns of the MSFS student body to the leadership team. Every year, students elect four representatives from each class, plus a dual degree student to serve in these roles. Student Representatives meet monthly with the MSFS leadership team, coordinate events and activities for their classmates, communicate regularly with the student body, and support MSFS student organizations, among other responsibilities. Past representatives have designed and implemented a reorientation program for MSFS, developed a faculty advising system, and created a student-mentoring program. 

Current MSFS Student Representatives

​Second years:

  • Catalina Coppel, MSFS 2018,
  • Enrique Enriquez Minjarez, MSFS 2018,
  • Maureen Reardon, MSFS 2018,
  • Amanat Thind, MSFS 2018,

First years:

  • Tyra Beaman, MSFS 2019,
  • Martha Guerrero Ble, MSFS 2019,
  • Peter Lee, MSFS 2019,
  • Logan Smith, MSFS 2019,


Student Representatives coordinate:

  • Fall Fest - A start of year party to welcome MSFS students and staff back to Georgetown and Washington DC.
  • International Student Night - An event to allow MSFS students to showcase the skills they've acquired from around the world!
  • Winter Ball - A formal-attire party to celebrate the holidays.
  • Spring Ball - A formal-attire party to celebrate cherry blossom season.
  • Graduation Open House - An open house for MSFS students and parents to celebrate graduating students.
  • Happy hours and social events with the MBA program and other international affairs degree programs in the Washington, D.C. area

Do you have questions about your first year at MSFS? Feel free to contact a Student Representative to discuss potential concerns such as...

  • Maximizing your MSFS years
  • Classes and careers
  • Balancing internships, study and life
  • The importance of talking to faculty and administration