MSFS International: Incoming Students Prepare for Life at Georgetown (Part 1)

by Kristen Voorhees, MSFS Communications and Events Coordinator

As Georgetown University approaches the beginning of another academic year, the Master of Science in Foreign Service welcomes a new class of bright and talented students from all around the world. The MSFS class of 2018 is a diverse one, with over 28% of the class holding citizenship from countries other than the U.S. These students bring a variety of global perspectives to the MSFS and broader Georgetown community. To better understand what brought them to MSFS, we asked a select few about their journeys to D.C.  

Why did you choose MSFS?

 “I find MSFS helpful in building up my career trajectory; its interdisciplinary program prepares me to enter either the Taiwanese foreign service or national security community. Moreover, the distinguished faculty and great location of MSFS attract the best students around the world. Their knowledge and experiences are here for me to explore in the coming two years.” – Dee Wu, Taiwan


 “The MSFS program is renowned worldwide and highly recognized in the international relations field for its outstanding quality and its elite faculty. I chose MSFS because it offers the best program according to my interests, objectives and needs. I wanted to pursue a degree which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and professional practice skills, but also on leadership, service and commitment to society. Furthermore, I was interested in studying in a multicultural environment where I could also learn from my classmates.” – Paulina Ortega Madrid, Mexico


What do you hope to do with your master’s degree?

“I was 15 when I moved back to Argentina, but after having one of the most enriching experiences of my life, I left with the desire to go back to D.C. I’ve always wanted to experience the city on my own and complete a Master’s degree at a prestigious university like Georgetown. I just want to keep on learning and appreciating this wonderful experience. Having developed a career on my own, I am ready to learn from the program I chose to study and the professionals related to it.” – Maria Candia, Argentina



 “I strongly believe all the students of MSFS have a duty to international society: noblesse oblige. Through my studies, I want to learn everything to do with grand strategy. Learning in such a prestigious school in DC during a presidential election makes me very excited.” - Yusuke Saito, Japan




Students such as these will travel from all over the world to study at MSFS. Their motivations differ, but they share a similar determination: to pursue a degree that strengthens their skills in leadership, ethics, creativity, and service.

Coming up in part 2 of our MSFS International series, students share their fields of interests and career goals. Stay tuned!