Grants for Summer Internships

Grants are given to qualifying students to help defray the cost of unpaid internships. Internships must be ten weeks in duration, full-time, related to the student's career/academic interests, and unpaid. Grant amounts depend on several factors, including the number of applicants and the funding available. Qualifying students typically receive a base stipend (recently $1,000) and at least a portion of their travel costs when applicable. The application process is publicized on Blackboard in the spring; applications are due in late April and reviewed by the MSFS administration.

Brunswick-Hanigan Internship Program

In 1978 the Brunswick Corporation, recognizing the need for students to gain work experience in the international business community, established the Brunswick-Hanigan Program in conjunction with the MSFS Program. Students are selected by participating private sector companies for a full-time, ten-week summer internship. In recent years, students have interned with IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Northrup Grumman through this program. Award amounts generally range between $3-5,000 but may vary year to year, depending on the number of openings and the availability of funds. Positions are announced in the second semester and final decisions are made by the end of April.