#GivingTuesday: What is Service?

by Kristen Voorhees, Communications and Events Coordinator


At the core of this program – and in its name – is the value of service. This value is integrated into every element of the Master of Science in Foreign Service program, from coursework to career development. In reflection of #GivingTuesday today, a global effort to celebrate giving back, we asked our students what service really means to them.


Service means taking an active role to share our talents and improve the world around us. – Andrew Mueller

Service is giving some of yours to those that have less. Consciously making an effort to help those who have not been as fortunate as yourself in life or those who just need a helping hand. Helping others without expecting any type of return, despite costs of time or money to yourself is what, to me, service is about at its core. – Morten Tastum

Service is contributing to something greater than you and which you believe in. - Maximilian Mareis

To me, service means not just financial giving or volunteering time, but also developing your skills and applying your experiences to build a more secure and prosperous global society. – James Thomas

This quote from Rumi has often helped me navigate the work we all do: "Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." – Mana Mostatabi

Service is giving to others, and by doing so a larger whole, without consideration for reward or personal gain. - David Anderson

To me, service is about putting others first, it's about patience, and forgiveness. Service is speaking your heart, even if they don't understand. Service is about putting aside stereotypes and differences and rising above adversity, through love. – Aisha Toor

Service means investing time, energy, and resource toward improving the lives of others. – Ritchell Madikaegbu

Service is putting others before yourself and expecting nothing in return. – Miika Tomi