International Engagement in Cyberspace 2011

In recent years, several efforts to combat threats posed in cyberspace have been made globally. Irrefutably states are developing instruments of cyber warfare for military, intelligence, and political purposes. While much of the debate thus far has centered on technological challenges to securing cyberspace, new thinking is needed on how to address issues such as the protection of private information, the establishment of common understandings regarding acceptable state behavior, the role of non-state actors and the interdependency of economics and security in this domain.

Dr. Catherine Lotrionte, Director
Georgetown University Institute for Law, Science, and Global Security
Photo courtesy of Phil Humnicky/Georgetown University

Drawing on the experience of government practitioners, industry representatives and academic scholars this event brought a multidisciplinary and international approach to the challenges of cyberspace by drawing from legal, technical, and policy fields both in the United States and abroad.  This gathering was held on Tuesday March 29th on Georgetown University's main campus and sought to promote a dialogue among U.S. and foreign policymakers, academics and key industry stakeholders in cyberspace, as the global community grows increasingly interconnected in this domain.  

General Brent Scowcroft, former U.S. National Security Advisor, provided the keynote address. There were four panels of experts drawn from U.S. and foreign governments, private industry and think tanks on the following topics:

General Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor
Photo courtesy of Phil Humnicky/Georgetown University

Panel One:  National Security, Law Enforcement, and Deterrence

Panel Chair: General Michael Hayden (Ret.)
Principal, Chertoff Group
Former Director of National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency

Congressman Mac Thornberry
U.S. Congress, House of Representatives (R-TX 13)
Chairman, Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities

Wing Commander Thomas Parkhouse
Cyber Security Staff Officer, Ministry of Defence UK

Lieutenant General Charles Croom (Ret.)
Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions, Lockheed Martin
Former Director, Defense Information Systems Agency

Mr. Richard Roberts
Head of Information Security Branch, Interpol

Mr. Shawn Henry
Executive Assistant Director, Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Shawn Bray
Deputy Director, Interpol Washington

Panel Two:   Cyber Security, Economics and a Healthier Ecosystem

Panel Chair: Dr. Greg Rattray
Senior Vice President of Security, BITS
Former Chief Internet Security Advisor, ICANN

Ms. Eneken Tikk
Legal Advisor, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Mr. Andy Purdy
Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, CSC
Former Acting Director for the National Cyber Security Division, DHS

Dr. James Mulvenon
Vice President, Defense Group, Inc’s Intelligence Division

Mr. Jeff Carr
Founder and CEO, Taia Global and author of Inside Cyber Warfare

Major-General Koenraad A. Gijsbers
Ministry of Defense, Netherlands

Panel Three:  Private-Public Collaboration Models Globally

Panel Chair: Ms. Melissa Hathaway
President, Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC
Former Acting Senior Director for Cyberspace, National Security Council

Mr. John Nagengast
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives for AT&T Government Solutions

Mr. William Guenther
President & Founder, Mass Insight Global Partnerships

Mr. Eric Werner
Principal Security Strategist, Microsoft Corporation

Dr. Phyllis Schneck 
Chairman, Board of Directors, National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance

Mr. Kristjan Prikk - view presentation
Defense Counselor, Embassy of Estonia

Panel Four:  National and Global Strategies for Managing Cyberspace and Security

Panel Chair: Hon. Franklin D. Kramer
Vice Chairman of Atlantic Council Board of Directors
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, DoD

Ms. Michele Markoff
Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Affairs, Department of State

Ms. Mary Beth Morgan 
Director for Cyber Strategy, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Dr. James Lewis
Senior Fellow, CSIS

Mr. Alexander Klimburg - view presentation
Fellow, Austrian Institute for International Affairs

Dr. Gao Fei
Associate Professor of China Foreign Affairs University and Fulbright Scholar, People’s Republic of China

Lunch Speakers

Dr. Paul Twomey
Former President and CEO, ICANN

Mr. Jeff Moss
Founder of Black Hat and Defcon

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Click here to view videos and a transcript of the 2011 Conference:
The Final Report from the 2011 conference can be accessed here.