MSFS Career Activities

Trips, Panels, and Reception

The MSFS Program organizes trips, panel discussions, conferences and receptions to introduce students to successful practitioners and potential employers in the field of international affairs.

Washington, D.C Days: Each fall, first-year MSFS students take part in a series of career events as part of the Washington, D.C. Days. These “DC Days,” as they are often called, are designed to connect current students with MSFS alumni working in government agencies, international organizations and firms within the private sector. Students have a unique opportunity to interact directly with alumni, receive advice from them regarding their academic and professional careers and create their own local network of contacts. Click here for a list of Washington organizations that have been represented in recent years.

New York City Career Trip: At the start of the spring semester, the MSFS Program sponsors a career trip to New York City to introduce first-year students to MSFS alumni working in the public, private and non-profit sectors. During this two-day trip, students attend panels on careers in business, consulting, banking and the United Nations and its agencies. Students also have the opportunity to meet with alumni over lunch, conduct site visits and network with MSFS’s large alumni base at the annual New York City MSFS Alumni Reception. Click here for a list of New York organizations that have been represented in recent years.

Panels, Conferences and Receptions: Throughout the year, the MSFS Program hosts a variety of career and firm specific informational events, including panel discussions, conferences and other networking events on and off campus. Through these events, students can meet with MSFS alumni and other practitioners to discuss career opportunities and current trends in international affairs. Click here for a list of organizations and individuals who have visited Georgetown to meet with MSFS students in recent years.