Alumni Spotlight: Tish King, MSFS '93

by Caitlin Karna, MSFS Communications Assistant

Tish King, MSFS ’93, came to Georgetown with a passion for international affairs and a desire to gain experience in the field of communications. Years later, she reflects on her journey and how MSFS guided her to where she is today.

When King enrolled in the MSFS program in 1991, she immediately took advantage of opportunities for hands-on experience that went far beyond theory. Commenting on the benefit of a practitioner-designed curriculum, King noted the utility of the extensive knowledge she gained in world history, geopolitics, and international events – both in her daily life, and later in her career. King credits MSFS with refining her writing and analytical skills, which she deemed as essential for a career in international broadcasting and public affairs.

Today, King currently serves as the Senior Vice President for Communications at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), where she devotes her time to press issues, public affairs, and external communications. Prior to her position at CPB, Tish was the Director of the Office of Public Affairs at the Broadcasting Board of Governors and Director of Media Relations at Voice of America.

King fondly remembers the relationships she was able to form and strengthen during her time at MSFS. She also enjoyed the faculty of skilled practitioners who challenged students on a daily basis to seek solutions to the intractable problems of global affairs. King praises her mentors at MSFS, Sally Ann Baynard, Seth Tillman and Allan Goodman, all of whom provided invaluable guidance in her career-path while she worked as the Acting Staff Director for the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

King advises current and prospective students at MSFS to diligently study non-state actors, as they have become increasingly important in international affairs over time. She implores students to truly appreciate their time at Georgetown and to expand and build upon a network of cohorts. “Fellow students and faculty are tremendous resources, so do not lose sight of them,” she said. King credits her current career path to the advice and connections she gained throughout her time at MSFS, which helped her make important steps on the path to her current position as the Senior Vice President at CPB. “The analytical and quantitative skills you will gain at Georgetown,” she reflected, “are skills you can apply to any career and any path you choose.”