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FALL 2014

MSFS-534 The UN & Global Institutions

MSFS-535 Intl Trade & Econ Diplomacy

MSFS-557 Nuclear Weapons & Intl/Reg Sec

MSFS-562 Public Diplomacy

MSFS-563 Science Tech & Global Politics

MSFS-581 Corp Responsibility in 21st C

MSFS-600 Ethics & Decision Making

MSFS-613 Comparative Regional Econ Devt

MSFS-616 Diplomatic/Military Statecraft

MSFS-623 Intrnl Negotiation

MSFS-627 The Security-Development Nexus

MSFS-645 Forecasting Global Trends

MSFS-650 Global Bus & Public Pol Pract

MSFS-655 International Law

MSFS-662 Econometrics for Policy-Makers

MSFS-674 China-US Great Power Rivalry

MSFS-681 Oil & World Power

MSFS-715 Wkshp: US Decision Making

MSFS-730 Wkshp: Engaging Change: MENA

MSFS-735 Wkshp: Global Finance

MSFS-739 Wkshp: Resource Management

MSFS-740 Wkshp: Strategy/Mgmt Prblm Sol

MSFS-747 Wkshp: Business of Development


MSFS-513 Dev Econ: Theory/Evidence/Pol

MSFS-515 Fndns of Corporate Finance

MSFS-518 Finance in Emerging Markets

MSFS-521 Public Finance

MSFS-525 Bus Govt Relations:Global Econ

MSFS-526 Intrnl Mediation:Strat/Meth

MSFS-533 Quantitative Analysis

MSFS-537 Practical Evaluation 

MSFS-541 Econ Dimensions of Intl Sec

MSFS-549 Petroleum in Global Econ

MSFS-552 Emerging Issues in African Dev

MSFS-556 Cybersecurity

MSFS-574 Civil Resistance

MSFS-575 Political Risk Assessment

MSFS-576 Iraq/Syria: Age of Revolution 

MSFS-577 Econ Diplomacy/Trade Promotion

MSFS-580 The Future of Food

MSFS-584 Europe, Russia & the Future of the Western Institutions

MSFS-585 International Trade & Investment  

MSFS-587 Impact Analysis

MSFS-589 Women, Peace & Security 

MSFS-591 Strategies for Multi-stakeholder Negotiators 

MSFS-604 Climate Science and Policy 

MSFS-609 Dev/Demography in Asia

MSFS-611 GIS Applications in Development 

MSFS-621 Intl Project Fin. & Investment  

MSFS-622 Financing Social Impact 

MSFS-630 Congress & Foreign Policy 

MSFS-638 Conflict Mgmt 

MSFS-646 Media & World Affairs 

MSFS-649 World Energy Security 

MSFS-657 Good Governance & Capable States 

MSFS 679 Financial Regulation & Reform in Developing Countries 

MSFS 688 Human Rights, Protection & Conflict 

MSFS 717 Wkshp: Creating 21st Century Diplomacy