Illustrative Courses: International Development

These are illustrative but not comprehensive lists of courses that may be applied to MSFS concentrations, as of December, 2014. Courses beginning with "MSFS" are courses sponsored directly by the Master of Science in Foreign Service. The others are a few examples of the many courses in other Georgetown Departments and Programs that could be applied to the concentration.

Please note that the following courses are a snapshot of offerings at the time they are posted. This list will change over time as new courses are rotated in and other courses are removed. You may wish to check back each semester for the most current representative list of courses.

Required Courses and Workshops

MSFS-512 Development Orthodoxies

MSFS-513 Development Economics

MSFS-720 Workshop: Managing Risk

MSFS-733 Workshop: Policy Innovation & Coalition Management

MSFS-747 Workshop: The Business of Development

Economics and Social Development

MSFS-514 Public-Private Partnerships

MSFS-558 Green Markets and Global Change

MSFS-580 Green Revolutions

MSFS-581 Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st Century

MSFS-594 International Financial Institutions

MSFS-599 Science, Technology and Development

MSFS-609 Development and Demography in Asia

MSFS-613 Comparative Regional Economic Development

MSFS-658 Microfinance I

MSFS-662 Econometrics for Policy-Makers

MSFS-679 Financial Regulation and Reform in Developing Countries

INAF-594 Business and Investment Negotiations

INAF 648 International Migration and Development

GHDP-508 Innovation in Action

GHDP-511 Social Enterprise and Development (Wise)

GHDP-514 Food and Agriculture (Nygard)

GHDP-516 Education and Development (Sprague and Van Dusen)

GHDP-518 Health Economics and Financing (Lewis)

GHDP-521 Small and Medium Enterprise Development (Wise)

GHDP-523 Education Policy Reform

GHDP-525 Econometrics for Development Practitioners

GHDP-526 Field Research Techniques for Development Practitioners

LASP-504 Political Economy of Latin American


*PPOL-541 Sustainable Development

*PPOL-635 Global Financial Crisis

*PPOL-636 Energy, Society & Politics in Developing Countries

*PPOL-679 Finance in Development

*PPOL-682 International Political Economy

*PPOL-703 Political Econ of Foreign Aid

*PPOL-734 Latin American Economic Development

Conflict and Humanitarian Response

MSFS-582 Identify and Conflict

MSFS-638 Conflict Management and International Security

MSFS-648 Fragile States in Africa
INAF-698 Introduction to Humanitarian Crises

GHDP-522 Managing Chaos: Humanitarian Response Programming and Operations

GOVT-547 Peace Process and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Latin America

GOVT-581 Introduction to Conflict Resolution Skills

Governance and Political Development

MSFS-537 Practical Evaluation

MSFS-573 Institutions, Development and Growth

MSFS-589 Women, Peace and Security

MSFS-611 Geographic Information Systems

MSFS-657 Good Governance and Capable States

MSFS-688 Human Rights and War

GHDP-512 Public Sector Service Delivery

GHDP-524 Social Exclusion: Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Development

GOVT-550 Democratic Change: Policy, Practice, Politics

*PPOL-658 Growth Diagnostics & Development Strategies

*PPOL-667 Globalization: Issues, Actors, Choices

*PPOL-767 NGOs, Firms & Think Tanks as Development Actors

*PPOL-699 The Power & Influence of Philanthropy: Local, National, Global

*Courses offered by the McCourt School of Public Policy (PPOL) approved as meeting the requirements of the International Development Concentration. However, access to these courses is not guaranteed and can vary from semester to semester.