Illustrative Courses: Global Politics and Security

These are illustrative but not comprehensive lists of courses that may be applied to MSFS concentrations, as of December, 2012. Courses beginning with "MSFS" are courses sponsored directly by the Master of Science in Foreign Service. The others are a few examples of the many courses in other Georgetown Departments and Programs that could be applied to the concentration.

Please note that the following courses are a snapshot of offerings at the time they are posted. This list will change over time as new courses are rotated in and other courses are removed. You may wish to check back each semester for the most current representative list of courses.

Required Course- any semester during the program

MSFS 600 Ethics in International Relations

Workshops- all Global Politics and Security second year students take one- Fall 2013 Choices

MSFS 715 WORKSHOP: Navigating U.S. Decision-Making
MSFS 730 WORKSHOP: Engaging Change: Middle East and North Africa
MSFS 733 WORKSHOP: Policy Innovation and Coalition Management
MSFS 739 WORKSHOP: Resource Management and International Relations

U.S. and Comparative Foreign Policy

MSFS 535 Trade Negotiations and Commercial Diplomacy

MSFS 562 Public Diplomacy

MSFS 577 Economic Diplomacy and Statecraft

MSFS 586 Art of Advocacy Inside and Outside of Government

MSFS 616 Diplomatic and Military Statecraft: Seevers & Institute for the Study of Diplomacy Associates

MSFS 623 International Negotiations

MSFS 630 Congressional Decision Making and U.S. Foreign Policy

MSFS 634 The BRICs and the World Economy

MSFS 648 Fragile States in Africa

MSFS 674 China-U.S. Great Power Rivalry

MSFS 715 WORKSHOP: Navigating US Decision-Making

MSFS 730 WORKSHOP: Engaging Change: Middle East and North Africa

MSFS 739 WORKSHOP: Resource Management and International Relations

ASST 501 South Asia: Issues of War and Peace

ASST 503 Political Legitimacy: Southeast Asia

ASST 511 International Political Economy: East Asia

ASST 668 Theory and Policy in Asia

ASST 706 Exploring the Limits of Southeast Asian Diplomacy

GOVT 415 Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy

GOVT 545 History and Politics of the Caucasus

GOVT 546 States and Society in Latin American

GOVT 555 Post Communist Politics

GOVT 566 Seminar: US Intelligence Law

GOVT 623 Congressional Politics

GOVT 629 Executive Branch Politics and Policymaking

GOVT 637 Comparative Political Economy

GOVT 648 Seminar: Post-Soviet Russian Politics

GOVT 654 Foreign Policy Decision Making in Latin America

GOVT 658 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

GOVT 770 American Foreign Policy

INAF 391 US Policy in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: 9/11-2012

INAF 444 Statecraft and Negotiation

INAF 506 Politics and the Media: An American-European Perspective

INAF 515 Redefining Geopolitical Relationships

INAF 520 Islamists, Elections, and Politics: Middle East

INAF 538 Egypt: Authoritarianism to Revolution

INAF 544 Makers of Modern Asia

INAF 549 Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran

INAF 553 Politics of Difference: Europe

INAF 590 International Relations of Europe

INAF 592 Diplomacy & Statecraft

INAF 641 Central and Eastern Europe: U.S. Foreign Policy

INAF 653 American National Security Toolbox

INAF 658 Left and Right in Europe

INAF 674 Transatlantic Public Diplomacy

INAF 725 Comparative Politics of the Middle East


LASP 640 Politics of Human Rights: Latin America in Comparative Perspective

MAAS 530 Ethnic/Religious Minorities: Arab World

MAAS 538 Sociopolitics of the Gulf

MAAS 548 Revolution and Prospects for Change in the Arab World

MAAS 550 Politics of Syria

MAAS 557 Colonial and Post-Colonial Middle East

MAAS 561 Continuity and Change: North African Policy

MAAS 613 Modern History and Politics: Egypt

REES 513 Russia and China: Past, Present, and Future

REES 575 Russian Law in Comparative Perspective

REES 610 Building Capitalism: Postcommunist Transitions

SEST 509 National Security: Planning for the 21st Century

SEST 512 Congress and National Security Policy

SEST 528 Politics of U.S. National Security

SEST 529 National Security Council

SEST 532 Comparative Intelligence Services

SEST 596 U.S. Defense Budgeting and Strategic Planning

SEST 601 National Security, the Media, and Public Opinion

SEST 609 American Terrorism in a Comparative Perspective

SEST 627 Intelligence and Diplomacy



Security and Conflict Management 

MSFS 526: International Mediation: Strategies/Methods

MSFS 541 Economic Dimensions of International Security

MSFS 571 Preventing Deadly Conflict in the 21st Century

MSFS 582 Identity and Conflict

MSFS 597 Strategy: Security/Development/Business

MSFS 638 Conflict Management and International Security

MSFS 688 Human Rights and War

MSFS - - - Terrorism and Insurgencies (planned)

MSFS 709 Nuclear Policy and International Security

MSFS 715 WORKSHOP: Navigating U.S. Decision-Making

ASST 501 South Asia: Issues of War and Peace

ASST 502 War and Peace in Asia

ASST 504 Topics in Modern Korean Politics

GOVT 563 Fundamentals of Cyber Security

GOVT 582 Conflict and State Formation in Africa

GOVT 633 War and Peacekeeping

GOVT 667 Current Debates in IR and Security

INAF 444 Conflict Resolution in the Middle East

INAF 530 Balkan Instability: International Peacebuilding

INAF 549 Post 1979 Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran


LASP 579 Peace Processes and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Latin America

MAAS: War and Terrorism in the Arab World

REES 560  Security Issues in Central Asia

REES 562 Afghanistan: Politics, Geopolitics, Security

SEST 515 Net Assessment and Strategic Thinking:

SEST 518 U.S. in Conventional War and Irregular Conflict

SEST 520 Counterinsurgency

SEST 532 Comparative Intelligence Services

SEST 534 Globalization and Security

SEST 544 Resolution of Armed Conflicts

SEST 545 Human Security

SEST 557 Arms Control, WMD, and International Security

SEST 559 Missile Technology and Missile Defense

SEST 562 Emerging Technologies and Security

SEST 566 Bio-Technology and Security

SEST 569 Cyberwar

SEST 570 Security Problems in Africa

SEST 571 Security Issues in East Asia

SEST 573 Security Issues in South Asia

SEST 578 Security Problems: Middle East and Persian Gulf

SEST 580 Transnational Security and Stability Issues in South and Southeast Asia

SEST 581 Security Issues: Central Asia

SEST 582 Politics of European Security

SEST 587 Security Issues in Latin America

SEST 591 Political Economics of War

SEST 592 International Arms Trade

SEST 594 Energy and Security

SEST 597 Economics and National Security

SEST 607 Maritime Piracy

SEST 608 Cuban Missile Crisis

SEST 609 American Terrorism in Comparative Perspective

SEST 611 Covert Action and Counterintelligence

SEST 613 Intelligence and the Military

SEST 619 Human Intelligence Operations

SEST 625 Domestic Intelligence

SEST 630 History of Military Operations

SEST 650 Nuclear Weapons: History, Strategy, Technology

SEST 652 Iran and the Bomb

SEST 653 Technology and War



Global Institutions and Transnational Challenges

MSFS 514 Public Private Partnerships

MSFS 524 China’s Energy Policies

MSFS 534 The UN and Global Institutions

MSFS 549 Petroleum in the Global Economy

MSFS 558 Political Economy of Global Climate Change

MSFS 563 Science, Technology, and Global Politics

MSFS 565 Political Economy of International Organizations

MSFS 571 Preventing Deadly Conflict in the 21st Century

MSFS 578 Democracy and Human Rights: Strategic External Support

MSFS 582 Identity and Conflict

MSFS 584 EU and Beyond: Regional Integration and Global Governance

MSFS 585 International Trade Practicum

MSFS 592 Religion and International Affairs

MSFS 593 Global Political Economy

MSFS 594 International Financial Institutions

MSFS 600 Ethics and Decision-Making

MSFS 615 Global Health and Global Governance

MSFS 623 International Negotiation

MSFS 646 Media & World Affairs

MSFS 655 International Law

MSFS 681 Oil and World Power

MSFS 688 Human Rights and War

MSFS 715 WORKSHOP: Navigating U.S. Decision-Making

MSFS 733 WORKSHOP: Policy Innovation and Coalition Management

CCTP 658 ICT Law and Policy

CCTP 693 Regulation of International Networks: Internet, TV, and Telecom

CCTP 708 Information Privacy and Security Policy

CCTP 761 Global Internet Freedom


GHDP 515 Green Growth/Climate Change and Development

GHDP 522 Humanitarian Response Operations

GHDP 524 Gender and Development

GOVT 509 Political Economy of Human Security

GOVT 517 Sport and Peacebuilding

GOVT 542 Civil Society in Transitioning Countries and Emerging Democracies

GOVT 550 Democratic Change: Policy, Practice, and Politics

GOVT 554 International Electoral Policy and Practice

GOVT 564 Comparative Democratization

GOVT 587 Transnational Justice

GOVT 644 Religion and Globalization

GOVT 650 Ideology and Political Change

GOVT 670 Sources of Nationalism

GOVT 765 Politics of International Hierarchy

GOVT 776 International Legal Philosophy

INAF 435 Problems in Multilateral Diplomacy

INAF 493 International Business Ethics

INAF 503 WTO Dispute Settlement

INAF 508 Topics: International Business Diplomacy: Business, Govt, & Global Economy

INAF 523 Globalization: Challenges for Developed Countries

INAF 648 International Migration and Development

INAF 687 Refugee Law & Policy

INAF 694 Refugees & Humanitarian Emergencies

INAF 698 Introduction to Humanitarian Crises

INAF 718 Immigration Law and Policy

INAF 733 Transatlantic Environment and UN Climate Change

LASP 514 Trade: The Americas

LASP 521 Energy Security: Western Hemisphere

LASP 525 Comparative Democratization: Latin America

LASP 572 Migration in the Americas

MAAS 524 Human Rights Law in the Middle East

MAAS 533 Refugees: Mideast and North Africa

MAAS 628 Media and Communication in the Arab World

PPOL 718 Global Worker Rights

REES Migration and Diaspora in Eurasia

SEST 540 Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad

SEST 545 Human Security and Responsibility to Protect

SEST 547 Terrorist Radicalism and Recruitment

SEST 590 Economics of Substate Violence

SEST 594 Energy and Security

SEST 599 Illicit Economies, Narcotics, and Security

SEST 600 Global Health and National Security

SEST 602 Violent Non-State Actors in World Politics