Leadership Activities

The Philippe Sachs Lecture on Leadership

ZiaYusuf (MSFS '93) delivered the Philippe Sachs Lecture on Leadership on October 9 in the Intercultural Center Auditorium. Yusuf, the CEO and founder of Streetline, Inc., has had extensive experience as a leader in the private sector for over twenty years. Indeed, he is the subject of two case studies on leadership produced by Stanford Business School. Most recently, he has been featured in several videos, including IMB Think and the Citi Progress Makers advertisement.

Breakfast With Global Leaders

Georgetown Leadership Seminar participants met with MSFS students for breakfast to discuss global issues. Past participants include Elizabeth Linder, Facebook’s Politics and Government Specialist and Louise Roug Bokkenheuser, foreign editor of Newsweek and The Daily Beast. The breakfast was a great opportunity for students to obtain professional advice and learn about practical leadership skills.

Gettysburg Leadership Staff Ride 

The Gettysburg Leadership Staff Ride is a one-day facilitated, interactive seminar held at Gettysburg National Military Park. The Leadership Tour of Gettysburg is based on the concept of battlefield staff rides first employed by the United States Army in 1906, and which remain a valued tool for the professional training of military officers. Staff rides are designed to highlight, on the actual field where the action took place, applicable lessons of leadership, tactics and strategy, communications, use of terrain, and the psychology of persons in battle. More recently, staff rides have spread beyond military audiences into the realm of professional development and leadership studies.

The U.S. Civil Rights Movement: Leadership and Nonviolent Resistance

MSFS offered a new clinic on the U.S. civil rights movement and nonviolent resistance, designed for MSFS students interested in ethical leadership, human rights, democratic reform, nonviolent resistance, social movements, and conflict resolution. The clinic included visits to and discussions at historical sites in Washington, D.C. such as the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and Frederick Douglass House. 

Communicating as a Leader                                    

The Communicating as a Leader clinic was held twice during the spring semester. The clinic provided proven techniques in creating a charismatic presence to help participants build the bridge from effective communicator to a compelling leader. The customized sessions gave participants the skills needed to be clear, credible, and confident in all presentation contexts.