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The mission of MSFS is to prepare women and men to be creative leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors of international affairs. In keeping with the vision of the School’s founder, Father Edmund A. Walsh, S.J., MSFS seeks to instill in its students a commitment to service in the international community and an appreciation for the ethical dimension of international affairs.


  • Leadership: At MSFS, we define leadership as the ability to work cooperatively with others to develop a vision, articulate concrete goals and strategies, and implement positive change. We are committed to providing opportunities for our students to develop and strengthen these skills both inside and outside the classroom, preparing them for the challenges they will confront in their careers. As practitioners in the field of international affairs, our graduates are equipped with the tools to lead effectively in today’s complex and diverse global society.
  • Creativity: It is imperative to have the ability to think outside established paradigms and to solve problems innovatively. With new technologies, new actors, and new patterns of behavior on the international scene, MSFS graduates must be able to exercise their imagination. Our curriculum and co-curricular programming is designed to encourage and inspire students to approach every endeavor with creativity in both their personal and professional lives.
  • Ethics: Ethics is the foundation for all of our coursework, programming, and professional development. We believe every student must have an understanding and appreciation of different moral frameworks and an ability to articulate competing goods, balance their merits, and choose among them. With this background in ethical reasoning, MSFS graduates are prepared to navigate the challenging multi-dimensional decisions that are the hallmark of a career in international affairs.
  • Service: Our program guides students to exercise a commitment to helping others, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, both in the local community and abroad. MSFS seeks to foster a passion for civic engagement and the pursuit of social justice in all its students, and to encourage a lifelong dedication to serving the greater global community.